Frais et Enregistrement

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There is a $40.00 registration fee that includes opening the child's file, the child's agenda and the entrance pass.

$ 38.00 per day for a child from 18 months to 5 years
$ 42.00 per day for an infants from 0-17 months
- Revenu Québec gives parents a refundable tax credit for childcare expenses.
- Parents will be reimbursed between 26% and 75% of the childcare expenses they pay, depending on family income.
- Advance payments are received every 15th of the month by direct deposit.

The form to fill out (for tax credit) is available through Revenu Québec's web site:
Revenu Quebec - Tax Credit For Childcare Expenses (<<< convert to link)

Here is the link to calculate your daily cost of the childcare expense according to your family income.
Finances Quebec - Your Daycare Cost Per Day (<<< convert to link)

For any other questions on how to receive your form (TPZ-1029.8 F-V) call Revenu QC at 514-864-6299

(a) Children 0-5 years will be admitted to the daycare according to availability
      and according to their seniority on the waiting list.

(b) All parents or guardians will need to fill out the registration form and the contract.
      The parents or guardians will need to bring a copy of the birth certificate of the child,
      the immunization booklet and proof of their Canadian citizen ship for the registration process.

(c) Children with special needs are accepted on condition that we can meet their needs financially,
      physically and emotionally.

Application For Daycare Services

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